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MAG Group, which started its service in 1978, today produces machinery manufacturing, labeling service and serialization solutions for all sectors with its factory with a closed area of ​​14,000 m2 in Çerkezköy and more than 100 employees. Our offices in Avcılar Center and Bağcılar Basınekspress provide service at the point of technical support and communication.

Since its founding in 2007 codemag field among the leading companies in the sector with moving and the resultant brought projects to the customers by bringing philosophy to create different solutions with fast and high-tech products with constantly evolving technological infrastructure in Turkey as far beyond software and experienced engineers of the needs of the day and much of the world offers the best service to its customers in its country.

CodeMag produces efficient and sustainable solutions on tracking systems to meet the needs of many different sectors. It enables serialization processes to be managed from a single center in order to provide the most accurate solutions to all integration projects.

It pays attention to maintain the success it provides as a technology company that provides product safety, taking into account the demands and wishes of its customers. With its successful, experienced and constantly improving engineers, it is the solution partner for the serialization and tracking system needs of different sectors, especially pharmaceutical companies operating on a global scale.

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